DarksidersFormer founder of Vigil Games and lead developer of Darksiders II, David Adams has recently left his job over at Crytek USA, electing to start a new independent developing company known as Gunfire Games. While their initial goal is to work on some smaller projects, Adams has already been in contact with the folks over Nordic Games to talk about the possibility of a Darksiders III.

Seeing as how Gunfire Games was just established and that Adams is still looking to fill his team, it’s probably months away before they’ll have anything to show, but hopes of a Darksiders III just got a big brighter with this recent news. At least we can hope.

Source: Polygon

Nordic Games Talks Darksiders III

DARKSIDERS-2-7At E3 a few weeks ago I got a chance to chat with Nordic Games about the future of the Darksiders franchise and in particular the status of Darksiders III. While the game is still far from ever reaching the public’s eye, we did get some insight on the status of the franchise. In particular, Reinhard Pollice, the product development director over at Nordic Games, stated “There will be a future for Darksiders.”

I also asked him about the Red Faction series that Nordic Games also acquired from THQ and while he indicated that there were plans for a future Red Faction title, Darksiders III was further along in the early development process. Be sure to head over to our sister website at GenGAME to view the full interview.

nordic-gamesNordic Games recently spoke with Joystiq concerning the future of the Darksiders franchise and the possibility of a Darksiders III. Within the interview, he stated that they would still like to work with the original developers on the game, but that may be difficult as many have moved on to other projects at other companies.

Darksiders is really big. We know we need a partner for that. An established development team that can pull out such a big action adventure. We obviously talked to former team members and, if they are free, we want to somehow involve them. If they are allowed to because, you know, some of them found other jobs or are with Crytek now.

He went on to say that we shouldn’t be expecting a Darksiders III within the next 2 years. They are currently in the organizational phase, sorting through all the new assets they have acquired. He did say that he would like to make the first announcements concerning their recent acquisitions at Gamescom 2013. Gamescom is Europe’s version of E3, albeit, a bit smaller, and it is set to take place from August 21st-25th. Stay tuned for all the latest news concerning the franchises future.

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Dungeon Gaming Network Updates

The-Order-1886While we wait for news on the future of the Darksiders franchise, we have some fun and interesting projects going on across the Dungeon Gaming Network. We have just launched a brand new website based around the new PS4 exclusive title, The Order: 1886. The game is a 3rd person action-adventure game that takes place in an alternate history, during the Victorian-era London. It does not have a release date set in stone yet, but be sure to check out the website for more information.

Over at Zelda Dungeon, we have not one, but two Zelda titles set to release this year. We will see the release of The Wind Waker HD for the Nintendo Wii U, as well as A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS. We are updating some of our content including our preparation for a full blown A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough once the game releases. Stay tuned!

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Nordic Games Purchases Darksiders IP

darksiderswarAfter months of uncertainty and a two week auction, the Darksiders franchise finally has a new owner. Relatively unknown developer, Nordic Games was the winning bidder of the IP, purchasing it along with several other former THQ IPs for 4.9 million dollars. Their most notable work to date includes Alan Wake and Painkiller: Hell and Damnation. While they were the winning bidder, the transaction will not be finalized until May 13th. It is nice to see the franchise get a new owner, but there is still some skepticism about its future and a possible Darksiders III. Nordic released the following statement concerning their acquisition of Darksiders and other franchises.

In the long term, we either want to cooperate with the original creators or best possible developers in order to work on sequels or additional content for these titles. A very important point for us is not to dash into several self-financed multi-million dollar projects right away, but rather to continue our in-depth analysis of all titles and carefully selecting different financing models for developing new installments of acquired IPs.

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Crytek-Forms-Crytek-USAThe looming auction date for the Darksiders franchise starts on April 1st and one of the companies that has shown interest is Crytek. Crytek USA is now the home of many Vigil Games employees, including company founder David Adams, who was also the lead developer for both Darksiders and Darksiders II. He recently took to Twitter, showing the intention to put in a bid for the Darksiders IP.

Ryan Stefanelli, another founder of Vigil Games and one of the lead developers for both the Darksiders titles, also commented, backing up Adams’ statements.

When the Darksiders IP goes up for auction, Crytek will be bidding for it. Not much more to say since the rest is left up to courts and legal shenanigans, but we’re all excited at the prospect.

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Darksiders II Xbox 360 Bundle Deal

Darksiders-Xbox-BundleThis might seem kind of strange and completely out of the blue, but a brand new Xbox 360 Bundle is has released featuring Darksiders II. Starting today at most major retail stores, you can purchase a 250GB Xbox 360 console that comes bundled with a digital copy of Batman: Arkham City as well as a physical copy of Darksiders II. The bundle is available at the price-point of $299.99. Considering both titles are two third party games that released for the Wii U, this might be Microsoft’s attempt to lure any Wii gamers that haven’t quite jumped over to the Wii U.

In any case, it’s nice to see this bundle release and hopefully prolong the Darksiders II life-cycle. The longer the game is still relevant, the more people will play it and hopefully increases the chances of us someday getting a Darksiders III.

Source: GenGAME

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Back in January, THQ sold off many of its existing studios and game franchises, but several of our favorite franchises and studios went unsold, including Darksiders and its developer Vigil Games. Since then, many members of the Vigil team have joined with Crytek to form a new US Studio. However, this still left the Darksiders franchise on the sideline without a home.

It has since been revealed that THQ will sell off the rest of its properties this coming April. Bidding will run from April 1st until April 15th. Darksiders and Darksiders II are packaged in the same lot and presumably whomever purchases the two titles will gain the rights to the series moving forward. This will be the first step towards any hope or dream of a Darksiders III ever existing. Only time will tell, but I’m personally crossing my fingers that Crytek considers making a bid for the two games since it does make the most sense and would give the most hope for a Darksiders III in the future.

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David-Adams-InterviewAfter the THQ fire sale a few days back, the unfortunate news was that there weren’t any bids for either Vigil Games or for the Darksiders franchise. This led to all Vigil Games employees being laid off immediately. Fortunately it hasn’t taken long for many of them to get back on their feet. According to Polygon, Vigil Games co-Founder David Adams has been hired on as the new CEO of Crytek USA Corp. Crytek is best known for the Crysis series. Adams had this to say about his latest gig at the new studio.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the newest Crytek studio, which will boast some of the brightest development talent in the industry. The studio’s launch represents Crytek’s commitment to delivering diverse and high quality content to players everywhere.

In addition to Adams, 35 employees have been hired on to join the team, all of which are former Vigil Games team members. Great news for the team and we wish the best of luck to them. As of now, the Darksiders franchise still is in a bit of limbo and the chances of a Darksiders III happening will have to wait, pending the sale of the IP. It is also worth noting that there was no mention of the new IP Crawler. Stay tuned as more news breaks.

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Darksiders-ArtWhen Darksiders II launched for the Nintendo Wii U back in November of last year, the team crafted a tribute art piece around the Darksiders franchise as a tip of the hat to one of their favorite franchises, the Legend of Zelda. The art piece you see to the left is a Darksidres-tribute to the cover artwork of the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

As a Darksiders fan that initially made the jump because of all the Legend of Zelda comparisons, I can really appreciate the awesomeness of such an art piece. I can safely say that the Legend of Zelda and Darksiders are my two favorite franchises and it’s really nice to see that the folks over at Vigil weren’t aren’t afraid to show their colors. Part of the reason Darksiders came together as it did was because of the Legend of Zelda and it’s great to see them pay tribute. Go ahead and make the jump to check out large versions of the Darksiders II and Skyward Sword banners.

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