On Second Thought: Darksiders II Has No Release Date Yet

It seems there has been a lot of misinformation reported around the net within the last week or so. On April 18th, the Official Darksiders website reported that Darksiders II was delayed until August of 2012. Flash forward a few days later and the folks from Electronic Theatre posted that the game would release on August 21st. Furthermore they stated it would be a global release, as opposed to the slightly staggered release it originally had in June. We reported on this date and assumed it was correct.

Here’s the catch. Electronic Theatre stated THQ announced this, but no such announcement was ever posted by THQ. Furthermore, sites like Amazon and GameStop are now listing the game for an August 14th, 2012. With this confusion I decided to contact the folks from THQ myself and they reaffirmed their previous statement. We have only confirmed August 2012 at this time.

In any case, whether it be August 14th, August 21st, or any other date in August, we do know that Darksiders II will be releasing in roughly four months. Stay tuned for more information.

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