Project Triforce: Darksiders II Replica Scythe

A few weeks back we posted about the The Death and Dust Statue that Project Triforce was developing for Darksiders II. Well it turns out that the folks at Project Triforce are just getting started, as they are also developing a Darksiders II Replica Scythe. You can see a small preview picture to the left, but go ahead and make the jump to check out a larger version.

This image was originally posted over at the official Facebook page for Darksiders, but as of now, there has been no press release about the Scythe. No price or release date have been since revealed. The Replica Chaoaseater that released awhile back sold for $179.99, but that thing is absolutely gigantic. I’m not quite sure if the Scythe will be this large, but if it is, I think pricing in that range is to be expected. Stay tuned!

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  • i got no chance xD

    Dear santa,tooth fairy,grinch,batman and robin, and mum pritty pritty PLEEEEEEEASE!! can i have one i swear i won’t swing it near the tv or my brother.

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