Pay It Forward: Darksiders II Achievement

Need help completing your Achievements and Trophies? We’ve got you covered. Our resident staff member Kuddlesnot has created another video guide getting one of the particular achievements. This one is titled Pay It Forward and is awarded simply by gifting an item of any rarity to any friends, and it works on any of the various platforms for the game.

It’s a very simple guide, but one that does require a friend to achieve it. Do none of yours friends have Darksiders II yet and/or don’t want to trade? No problem! Kuddlesnot himself has offered to trade items with you, regardless of whether you are playing on the 360, PS3, or on Steam. Go ahead and make the jump to check out his video guide, and also to get his various account names. Be sure to stay tuned for more achievement and trophy guides in the coming days.

Stuck in the game? Most of our Darksiders II Walkthrough is now online, complete with plenty of screenshots. We’ll be updating it over the course of the next several days.

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  • James Best

    I wonder if this guy will be getting the Wii U version.

    • Kuddlesnot

      Well, possibly. It depends on if a) i can afford it at release and b) if WiiU even has achievements or achievement equivalents. Knowing Nintendo, it would be called something like “Accomplishments.”

  • LGN JellyBean49

    I would like to complete this achievement, so if anyone that plays DarkSiders2 would like a max leved possessed scythe, then leave ur gamertag, and ill sent it ur way :)

  • Justin

    I try to access the live inbox, but I keep getting an error saying “An error has occurred while trying to check your inbox. Please try again later” any help?

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