UPDATE: Vigil Games NOT Sold off to Take-Two Studios

Vigil-GamesUPDATE: Earlier reports at IGN had suggested that Take-Two Studios had acquired Vigil Games. However according to Kotaku, who posted a transcript of the letter from THQ president Jason Rubin, Vigil Games has in fact NOT been sold. Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

The demise of THQ is here with many of its assets and studios being sold off. Among the bidders, Koch Media, Take-Two, Ubisoft, and SEGA each got a piece of the pie. Most notably concerning Darksiders, Vigil Games has reportedly been purchased by Take-Two Studios. While the average gamer might not know much about Take-Two, they are the parent company of 2k Games and Rockstar Games, makers of games such as Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock, Civilization, Red Dead, Max Payne, and several notable sports games.

During the bankruptcy reveal of THQ, it was reported that Vigil Games was working on a title Crawler. It’s unclear whether this was a new game, or just a codename for a potential Darksiders III. In any case, if Vigil Games does settle in under a larger parent company, this could potentially mean good things down the road for the Darksiders Series and Darksiders III in particular.

Unfortunately, one of the many downsides to this transition is the layoffs that come with it. Many THQ employees have been laid off, including several folks that previously worked alongside the Darksiders II team. We wish them and their families well and hope they can land a job elsewhere in the industry.

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  • JuicieJ

    Poor Vigil. Darksiders II was a ridiculous improvement over the original Darksiders, showing that the franchise had promise.

    I did hear that Platinum Games has shown interest in Vigil Games, though. Platinum developing Darksiders… Yeah, I’d be game for that. Let’s hope that actually happens.

    • Texika

      Darksiders II did improve on a lot, but the bosses were really lacking when compared with the first game. Only The Guardian, Samael, and Absalom were interesting, but if you include DLC then Frostbane too was a good boss.

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