THQ to Sell Off Darksiders Franchise and Other Assets

Back in January, THQ sold off many of its existing studios and game franchises, but several of our favorite franchises and studios went unsold, including Darksiders and its developer Vigil Games. Since then, many members of the Vigil team have joined with Crytek to form a new US Studio. However, this still left the Darksiders franchise on the sideline without a home.

It has since been revealed that THQ will sell off the rest of its properties this coming April. Bidding will run from April 1st until April 15th. Darksiders and Darksiders II are packaged in the same lot and presumably whomever purchases the two titles will gain the rights to the series moving forward. This will be the first step towards any hope or dream of a Darksiders III ever existing. Only time will tell, but I’m personally crossing my fingers that Crytek considers making a bid for the two games since it does make the most sense and would give the most hope for a Darksiders III in the future.

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  • Nintendo4Ever

    Just got into darksiders recently. (beat the first game) and went to check out this site and it seems pretty dead. Ever since THQ went under I have been interested in any darksiders news I could find. just last week I was almost certain that the series had had it’s final nail in the coffin and now this happens. Will you be updating this site with any rumors and speculations you can find about the series or will you wait to post until something more official is announced?

  • thecolin87

    i think darksiders three if it ever gets made will be huge. problem I think with darksiders 2 was yes awesome game one of my favourites but I think we got death to soon and it was too big, but hopefully it gets bought and its awesome again

  • Linkfan99

    This. Must. Happen.

  • JuicieJ

    Oh, thank God! I was really worried for the series’ future. Whoever winds up with the IP, I sure hope they treat the next Horseman right, because Darksiders II was a huge step towards bringing the franchise into the realm of Zelda’s elite games.

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