David Adams Forms Gunfire Games, Looking into Darksiders III

DarksidersFormer founder of Vigil Games and lead developer of Darksiders II, David Adams has recently left his job over at Crytek USA, electing to start a new independent developing company known as Gunfire Games. While their initial goal is to work on some smaller projects, Adams has already been in contact with the folks over Nordic Games to talk about the possibility of a Darksiders III.

Seeing as how Gunfire Games was just established and that Adams is still looking to fill his team, it’s probably months away before they’ll have anything to show, but hopes of a Darksiders III just got a big brighter with this recent news. At least we can hope.

Source: Polygon

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  • Orlith Nightfire

    Whoot! YES!!

  • chackingnoob

    i really hope they make darksiders III

  • iAlucard

    fuck yeah

  • Dread

    That what we want part three and even four and five

    • Pixel Asylum

      Only 3 maybe 4 because there 2 more characters left, but what would be the point of a 5th one?

  • http://www.triforcetalk9.blogspot.com/ Linkfan99

    Really? The only news on the franchise we’ve had in years, the Deathinitive edition, comes out tomorrow, and there’s not even a post on it?


  • Pixel Asylum

    If Joe Madureira isn’t gonna be the lead art director in this – because Darksiders is his baby – I’ll just pass.

  • asmith

    Mases, I doubt this is on your radar, but there has been some Darksiders news that gives hope to the series continuing…


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