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Crytek-Forms-Crytek-USAThe looming auction date for the Darksiders franchise starts on April 1st and one of the companies that has shown interest is Crytek. Crytek USA is now the home of many Vigil Games employees, including company founder David Adams, who was also the lead developer for both Darksiders and Darksiders II. He recently took to Twitter, showing the intention to put in a bid for the Darksiders IP.

Ryan Stefanelli, another founder of Vigil Games and one of the lead developers for both the Darksiders titles, also commented, backing up Adams’ statements.

When the Darksiders IP goes up for auction, Crytek will be bidding for it. Not much more to say since the rest is left up to courts and legal shenanigans, but we’re all excited at the prospect.

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Darksiders II Xbox 360 Bundle Deal

Darksiders-Xbox-BundleThis might seem kind of strange and completely out of the blue, but a brand new Xbox 360 Bundle is has released featuring Darksiders II. Starting today at most major retail stores, you can purchase a 250GB Xbox 360 console that comes bundled with a digital copy of Batman: Arkham City as well as a physical copy of Darksiders II. The bundle is available at the price-point of $299.99. Considering both titles are two third party games that released for the Wii U, this might be Microsoft’s attempt to lure any Wii gamers that haven’t quite jumped over to the Wii U.

In any case, it’s nice to see this bundle release and hopefully prolong the Darksiders II life-cycle. The longer the game is still relevant, the more people will play it and hopefully increases the chances of us someday getting a Darksiders III.

Source: GenGAME

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Darksiders-ArtWhen Darksiders II launched for the Nintendo Wii U back in November of last year, the team crafted a tribute art piece around the Darksiders franchise as a tip of the hat to one of their favorite franchises, the Legend of Zelda. The art piece you see to the left is a Darksidres-tribute to the cover artwork of the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

As a Darksiders fan that initially made the jump because of all the Legend of Zelda comparisons, I can really appreciate the awesomeness of such an art piece. I can safely say that the Legend of Zelda and Darksiders are my two favorite franchises and it’s really nice to see that the folks over at Vigil weren’t aren’t afraid to show their colors. Part of the reason Darksiders came together as it did was because of the Legend of Zelda and it’s great to see them pay tribute. Go ahead and make the jump to check out large versions of the Darksiders II and Skyward Sword banners.

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Darksiders II: 66% Off on Steam and Amazon

Still holding out on picking up Darksiders II? Well over at Steam there is a massive sale on the recently released game, selling at 66% of its original price. Instead of the full $50 price point that it launched at back in August, the game is now available for just $17. Additionally the Prima Games Strategy Guide is available for just $6.80, or you can bundle the two together for $20.40.

If you are interested in getting this for Steam, you’ll have to act fast, as the deal is only good for another day and half. A similar deal is also available on Amazon, where the game is selling for $16.99.

With the present situation over at THQ, the performance of Darksiders II is very important this holiday season. There’s still hope that the reduced prices on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions of the game, along with the upcoming launch of the WiiU version of the game, can drive sales, hopefully reaching the initial bench marks set forth by THQ. Hopefully enough sales could be reached where Darksiders III is warranted. Only time will tell.

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THQ recently released its earnings report for the second quarter of its 2013 fiscal year and we finally have some hard numbers on how Darksiders II has done. Through three months, Darksiders II has shipped 1.4 million units. Though THQ was happy with the finished product of Darksiders II, these numbers were a bit under-performing to what they had hoped for.

Just prior to the release of the game, it was stated that the fate of Darksiders III relied heavily on the sales of Darksiders II. While the game has done well, it doesn’t seem like Darksiders II has sold well enough as of yet to warrant the continuation of the franchise. There is still some hope as there is still the upcoming Holiday season, along with the Nintendo Wii U version that will be releasing in just a few weeks. New THQ president Jason Rubin had this to say about the status of Darksiders II and the future of these types of games.

Observing this and other recent industry releases, one is left with a firm understanding that in the current marketplace, only the absolute top tier of releases is making impact on the game consumer. I now have an opportunity to start impacting our next slate of products and positioning them to compete in this marketplace.

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Over at the official Darksiders website, it was announced today that the second batch of downloadable content, titled the Abyssal Forge, would be released on October 30th for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. European PS3 owners will get the content one day later on October 31st. The content is available for 800 MS Points or $9.99. You can see part of the press release from THQ just below.

The Abyssal Forge is a living machine designed to harness the unfocussed dark power of the Abyss and create the most powerful legendary weapons. The Maker who built this abomination, known only as the Mad Smith, was shunned by his own people and sealed away in the Shadow Lands with his creation. However, the forge hasn’t remained dormant all those years of captivity; it has constructed a vast army and now threatens all creation.

The vast swamp-like Shadow Lands, added by this DLC is a new gameplay zone with an entirely new visual look, including two challenging new dungeons, new enemies to best, secrets to uncover and unique legendary loot to collect. Tailored towards the most competent Darksiders II players, the Abyssal Forge will test your mettle against the hardest enemies and puzzles yet.

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Project Triforce Scythe to Cost $950

The Project Triforce Darksiders II Replica Scythe was on display at the 2012 New York Comic Con this past weekend. We finally have some hard data on this massive collectible, including its size, price, and release date.

Measuring at 5.8′ x 1′ x 6.6′, the item weighs 46 Lbs. This massive Scythe is limited to 500 of them and will be priced at $950 a piece. It is rather pricey, but considering how bulky this item is, it’s certainly worth it for those hardcore collectors out there. Set for a release day of 2nd Quarter 2013, you can pre-order the Scythe today at Project Triforce. Note, to pre-order this item, it requires a $237.50 deposit, which comes out to 1/4 of the total cost of the Scythe.

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NYCC 2012: Death and Dust Statue

As promised the Darksiders II Death and Dust Project Triforce Statue was on display at the New York Comic Con. You can see a small glimpse of the statue in the image to the left, but go ahead and make the jump to see a larger version, as well as a video embed.

If you look ever so closely in the video, you can see the tag that is in front of the statue. The statue is dated for 2nd Quarter 2013 with a price tag of $600. The statue will weigh about 20lbs and there will be a limited run of just 500 statues. While it’s nice to finally get a rough release date and price, I think the price tag is a bit steep. I was honestly expecting a price point somewhere around $300. Consider the recently released Samael State of the Art Statue was priced at $249.99, this Death statue seems to be a bit much. In any case, make the jump for a closer look at the statue.

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Free Crow Armor Set for Darksiders II

Beginning on Friday, October 12th, at 11:59 AM, Darksiders II owners will be able to download the Crow Armor set free of charge. This level 15 set includes all four body pieces, as well as the corresponding Crow Scythes. You’ll have to jump on it quickly though, as this giveaway will only be available until Monday, October 22nd, at 11:59 AM.

Check out the Crow Armor set over at our Darksiders Wiki for the statistics about each piece in the armor set.

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A few months back, THQ partnered with the folks from Ibanez Guitars to giveaway two limited edition autographed Darksiders II XG307 Guitar. These are pretty sweet looking guitars and it would be nice if these became available for purchase by the public. Unfortunately, since only two of them exist, most of us will never get our hands on them.

Recently over at the official Facebook page, two photos have surfaced of Darksiders developers Joe Madureira and Marvin Donald rocking these custom Darksiders guitars. You can see the small preview to the left, but go ahead and make the jump to check out the full images.

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