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Dungeon Gaming Network Updates

The-Order-1886While we wait for news on the future of the Darksiders franchise, we have some fun and interesting projects going on across the Dungeon Gaming Network. We have just launched a brand new website based around the new PS4 exclusive title, The Order: 1886. The game is a 3rd person action-adventure game that takes place in an alternate history, during the Victorian-era London. It does not have a release date set in stone yet, but be sure to check out the website for more information.

Over at Zelda Dungeon, we have not one, but two Zelda titles set to release this year. We will see the release of The Wind Waker HD for the Nintendo Wii U, as well as A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS. We are updating some of our content including our preparation for a full blown A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough once the game releases. Stay tuned!

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Darksiders Wiki Surpasses 500 Articles

The Darksiders Wiki has now surpassed 500 articles. After having just launched in March of 2012, the Wiki has quickly grown to become the largest online encyclopedia for all things Darksiders related. With the recently released Darksiders II, there has been a massive influx of brand new articles that have been created. Many of these articles have been established, but they still need a lot of work.

This is where you can come in! If you are interested in helping out at Darksiders Dungeon, you can help by editing the Wiki. It takes just seconds to Create an Account, in which you can immediately start editing. Edits can range from helping spell check the content, adding a few words, or expanding articles with several new sentences. You can also take a look at the Wanted Pages, which are articles that are already linked to on the Wiki, but have yet to be established. Every little bit helps.

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Are you stuck in Darksiders II? We’ve got you covered. I have been steadily working on the Darksiders II Walkthrough for several days now. Thus far I have completed the first 10 chapters of the guide, taking Death on his journey well into the Kingdom of the Dead. Each chapter covers the critical path through the game, with some of the collectible items included. The first 10 chapters are all completed with tons of screenshots.

Over the next few days I’ll continue to add more and more chapters to the guide and once I finally complete it, I’ll start from the beginning again, polishing it up and adding all the various side quests and collectibles. For now, if you are having trouble with the main quest, this should do the trick. Also, if you are enjoying Darksiders II so much and are interested in helping out at the website, we’re always looking for new contributors at the Darksiders Wiki.

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Here at Darksiders Dungeon we are going to be giving away THREE 7″ figurines of War from the original Darksiders. This War Figurine was created back in November of 2009 as a promotional item for the first Darksiders.

In order to win one of these figurines, all you have to do is two simple things. The first is to Like us on Facebook and then make a comment On This Image, stating what you are most looking forward to in Darksiders II. That’s all! The contest will remain open through Saturday August 4th, after which three random winners will be drawn. Note: Please only post once on that image as people who post multiple times will be disqualified. Good luck!

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April 5th marks the one month anniversary since the launch of Darksiders Dungeon and it has been quite an eventful month indeed. I have been constantly working on the Darksiders Wiki here at Darksiders Dungeon and just today we hit the 150 article mark! We are well on our way to becoming the largest and most complete encyclopedia for everything related to the Darksiders series. In another recent milestone, the official Darksiders Dungeon Facebook Page just crossed the 100 Likes mark.

Exciting things have also been happening at the Darksiders Dungeon Forum. Our sites forum is a combined forum with our other sister sites on the network, Zelda Dungeon and Pokemon Dungeon. There is a section dedicated specifically towards the Darksiders series, and it has been steadily increasing in activity. Also at the forums, in the month of April we are hosting a forum giveaway contest where we are giving away a free Xbox 360 with a copy of Darksiders! You can check out the Forum Thread for more details.

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After a few weeks of preparation, Darksiders Dungeon has officially opened its doors! Darksiders Dungeon is the newest member of the Dungeon Gaming Enterprises network, along with its sister websites, Zelda Dungeon and Pokemon Dungeon. At the top of the site you can see our links to the game pages for Darksiders and Darksiders II. These are really just placeholder pages for now as we have a heck of a lot of work to do. This is just the very beginning of what should be the long journey in becoming your one-stop shop for all news, media, guides, and content related to the Darksiders franchise. Go ahead and make the jump to see a summary of some of our features and future projects.

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