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The folks over at RipTen have posted their full review of Darksiders II and gave the game the top score of 10 out of 10. I’ve read a few dozen reviews of the game and there has been a bit of a mixed reaction towards Darksiders II. The biggest critique I’ve seen is that for video games as a whole, Darksiders II does nothing new that we haven’t seen before. Yet, one of the best compliments I’ve seen has been that Darksiders II has taken what we’ve grown to love from so many different game genres and put that all together in one epic adventure. The folks over at RipTen are part of the later group of folks and think Darksiders II is one exceptional game. Here is part of what they had to say about the new title.

With a brilliant and compelling story, masterful aesthetic and audio design and gameplay that is absolutely addictive amusement, Darksiders II is more than a worthy sequel. It’s a brilliant evolution of everything established in 2010’s apocalyptic tale, incorporating advancements that create a sense of convenience without sacrificing challenge. If you derived any satisfaction from War’s adventure, this should be the first game you play of the fall 2012 season.

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In a recent interview, the folks over at Ripten got a chance to chat with Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President for Core Games over at THQ. Within the interview, Ripten asked Bilson about some of their upcoming games including Darksiders II. THQ has seen better days from the financial side of things, but we aren’t quite sure how that directly effects Darksiders II. You can see part of the exchange below.

Danny Bilson: Darksiders II is looking really, really good. It’s a huge game. It looks like… I don’t want to give the exact amount of hours of gameplay… but it’s a very, very lengthy and involved campaign. We’re going to give that team everything they need to make it as good as it can be.

Michael Futter: So there is a chance for a delay?

Danny Bilson: We haven’t announced anything… but the team is working really, really hard. We’re not going to ship it before it’s done.

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