Darksiders II Walkthrough: To Move a Mountain

With Drenchfort now behind us, our next destination is back at Tri-Stone to speak with Alya. Use the world map and move the cursor over one of the icons on the overworld map and select Fast Travel. This will quickly transport Death to Tri-Stone. Alya has now moved to a new part of town, so just run straight ahead and enter the door found here to reach The Maker’s Forge.

A scene will be triggered and Death will acquire a Maker’s Key. After the scene has concluded use Fast Travel and warp over to The Weeping Crag near the entrance to Baneswood. Jump on Despair and ride to the northeast part of the overworld. Enter the ruins that are found here, known as The Nook.

Open the nearby treasure chest if you’d like to get some loot. Right near the dungeon entrance you will see a construct. Walk up and activate it, which allows Death to die on top of this massive golem. Role on over so that the Maker Costudian sits on top of small hole in the ground. Aim at the nearby target and use the worker construct’s chain to shoot at the target. Mount the chain and then have Death climb on top to reach the door at the edge of this room.

Death will encounter some tainted construct warriors in this area. They are slightly stronger than their standard counterparts and should be too much for Death to handle. Defeat all the enemies and then run over to the shadow bomb in this room. Use the shadow bomb, along with Redemption, to destroy all the corruption that surrounds the area. Open the treasure chest nearby to get some loot.

With the corruption out of the way, walk to the northeast part of the room and climb the wall. Walk over to the wooden beam and then jump to the wooden plank. Jump over to the wooden beam on the other side of the room. Jump across the beams to reach the hand hold. Drop down to a lower hand hold and then maneuver around the corner before dropping down. Drop to the lower area and walk down the stairs.

Walk to the south end of the room and you’ll find a lever. Pull it, which grants you access to the basement, as well as quick access to the entrance of the Nook. Don’t head down though, but instead turn around and walk to the other end of the room, heading through the door found here.

Defeat the tainted warrior constructs and climb the steps here. Jump over to the handhold and climb up to the higher platform. Walk around the corner and scale the wall here to reach another higher level. Navigate through the remainder of the room and exit via the door to get back outside.

Run straight ahead and you’ll find yourself at The Lost Temple. Our old pal Karn is waiting for us here, so run ahead and speak to him. Be sure to open the nearby treasure chest to get some loot. Afterwards, climb the steps and enter The Lost Temple.

Defeat the prowlers in this first room and then open the treasure chest buried on the side of the staircase. Afterwards, climb the steps and head through the door.

Activate the Maker Custodian and use its smash attacks to break through the custodian. Ride it forward so the blue orb fits into the ground. Jump off the custodian and head through the next room.

Run forward and you’ll encounter a new enemy known as a Construct Sentinel. Don’t worry about the tainted construct warriors it summons, but instead, just attack it with Redemption. After all the enemies are defeated, a peg will appear on a nearby wall. Use it to reach the hand hold and then drop down on the other side of the corruption crystals.

Run along to the next room and dive into the water. At the northwest part of this pond you will find a boatman coin. Also, if you swim through the passage to the south, it will lead to a treasure chest containing some loot.

Resurface at the main part of the room and climb the wall to the west. Use the hand hold and perform a wall run to get to the north side of the room. Activate the maker custodians arm and use it to break up the corruption crystals in the distance. This will reveal a lever. Now climb the vines that are nearby and wall run across to get back to the south end of the room. Pull the lever, causing a bridge to surface.

Run across the bridge and jump back onto the Maker Custodian. As you are crossing the bridge, several enemies will appear, including a new tainted construct adjunct. None of these should give you too much trouble and if you use the maker custodian, you can make waste of them rather quickly. Ride back down the corridor, destroying corruption along the way. You can stop off and open a nearby treasure chest to get some goodies.

Continue riding along on the construct to get to the larger chamber. Roll to the south end of the room and destroy the corruption. Move the construct so that the blue orb sits in the hole on the ground and then shoot the target with the custodian’s chain.

Run across and use redemption to shoot the shadow bomb to the left. Role the blue orb nearby so that it fits into the hole in the ground. Defeat the enemies that appear and then make your way over to the next shadow bomb. Pick it up and toss it back at the blue orb that we just set in place. Shoot it with redemption, causing it to dislodge from the hole. With the gate lowered, open the nearby treasure chest to get a Skeleton Key.

Climb the vines and wall run to get back over the gate. Climb the chain to reach the main part of the room. Mount back on the construct and detach the chain. Role over to the gate at the west end of the room and then jump off the construct. Use the Skeleton Key on the locked door and head through.

Climb the vines and swing across to the other side. Jump back on the maker custodian and use it to tear through the corruption in this room. Open the treasure chest at the sound to get the dungeon map. Ride the custodian to the north end of the room and settle the blue orb into the hole. Extend a chain and run across to get some goodies.

Climb back across and jump on the custodian once again. This time set him down at the west end of the room, causing the gate in the distance to open up. Run ahead and you’ll come to a room with a number of construct sentinels. A sentinel will come from the wall and activate a number of tainted construct warriors below. Defeat these creatures and then another sentinel will come from the wall. Whenever the sentinels come off the wall, they are vulnerable, so be sure to use Redemption to get rid of them.

After several phases of enemies, a massive construct champion will appear. This enemy is much larger than any of his smaller counterparts and a good target to use your Reaper Form if you are having trouble. After all the phases have been defeated, go ahead and open the treasure chest that appears to get some loot. Climb the steps and head through the door.

Continue through the open door and you’ll see a large put. You’ll have to run across, performing a number of wall jumps to prevent yourself from falling. On the other side, turn to the right and you’ll collect a boatman coin. Near the waterfall, you’ll need to perform several wall jumps to climb the walls. You can perform a quick wall run to the south to reach the treasure chest on this higher ledge. There is a a second and third treasure chest in this large room, so be sure to open them up for some loot. Before heading to the next room, be sure to collect another boatman coin at the east end of the room.

In the next room, activate the maker custodian and ride him over to the elevator. Dismount from the custodian and then start scaling the room, using the nearby hand hold. Perform several wall runs to get to the higher ledge, where you will find a second maker custodian. Activate this custodian and bring him back near the elevator. There is a nearby hole where the blue orb can rest, so move the custodian here, causing the elevator to ride, bringing the second custodian up.

Jump off the custodian you are on and get onto the one from the elevator. Ride it to the next room and there are a few spots for it to rest. Before doing so, ride to the west and shoot the chain out to break the corruption crystals. Now ride to the east and have it rest on the nearby hole, causing the nearby gate to lower.

Jump off the custodian and get the second custodian in this area. Ride it passed the lower gate, around the corridor and rest it at the hold here. Shoot the target in the distance to extend a chain across the gap.

Run back to the previous custodian and mount on top of it. Ride it westward and drop the blue orb into the hole here, causing the door at the west end of the room to open up. You can now use the wooden beams to get across and reach the door.

However, there are still two goodies to get here. Just underneath the wooden plank there is a treasure chest with some loot. Furthermore, with the custodians now in their proper places, if you run across the chain to get to the south end of the room, the gate will be lowered, allowing you to get a Book of the Dead page. Afterwards, make your way over to the west side of the room and head through the door.

In this massive outdoor area, there is some basic traversing that needs to be done. Follow the pathway to the right and use a series of wall runs, hand holds, and wooden beams to traverse across this outer wall. Continue along to get to the door at the north end of this area.

Before you can head through, you’ll get ambushed by a series of savage prowlers and eventually some savage stalkers. Uses your entire arsenal to get rid of these foes and then head through the door.

Defeat the enemies in the room and then climb the wall at the north end. Use a series of pegs and hand holds to reach the top and then look around. Use Redemption to shoot the shadow bomb, dislodging the blue orb from the wall. Before jumping down, you can hope across the wooden beams. In the opening to the left, you will find a page from the Book of the Dead.

Drop down to the ground level and push the blue orb so that it falls into the hole. The doors in the room will unlock, so through the door to the west.

This room has a number of enemies including the massive tainted construct champion. Defeat them using a variety of your weapons. Try not to get countered and if you use the Necromancer Tree, summon ghouls whenever possible. After all the enemies are defeated, slash away at the many pots and crates in this room, in which you will find a boatman coin at the south end of the room. Afterwards, go through the door to the west to take on the dungeon boss.

Climb the steps and you will awaken the massive Construct Hulk. This massive construct will pound the ground, sending a shock wave that can harm Death. Be sure to jump to avoid taking damage. When the construct hulk pounds the ground, a shadow bomb will fall from the ceiling. Quickly run over and grab it. Toss it at to the construct hulk and it will explode, bringing the hulk down to his knees.

When the hulk falls, it will summon construct warriors and they can be quite a pain. Summoning ghouls to take care of them is a good strategy. When the hulk is on the ground, part of its core will be vulnerable, just near its head. Run over and slash at this orb like piece to deal some serious damage. Be careful though, as once the construct hulk gets back up, it will furiously smash its arms towards you, dealing a considerable amount of damage.

Repeat this same process several times until you have taken down the construct hulk. After the massive creature has been defeated, climb the steps and open a number of treasure chests for some goodies. Then walk over to the Warden and press the action button. After speaking with the Warden, Death will be transported back to Stonefather’s Vale, where he is told to speak to the Maker Elder once again.

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