Darksiders II Walkthrough: The Tree of Life

With the Foundry now behind us, it’s time to battle with the massive guardian. Fast Travel is currently unavailable, so you’ll have to run through Tri-Stone. Run through the Maker’s Forge and you’ll find that this area of Tri-Stone has been partially ravaged by the Guardian. Speak with Thane if you’d like, but then run ahead to get back to Stonefather’s Vale.

Once you arrive, you will see Elder Eideard and the Guardian. The Guardian is beyond Eideard’s help, so Death is the last hope. This will trigger the boss battle of the Forge Lands.

This massive Guardian will use its gigantic hammer to slam down to the ground, doing a considerable amount of damage. Ride on Despair, clockwise around the Guardian. Keep your distance and dash away from his hammer to avoid his attack. It can be difficult to avoid, but the further you are away from the Guardian, the safe you will be.

Once the Guardian missing an attack, focus on its arm and you will see several shadow bombs. Pull out Redemption and shoot at these bombs, causing them to exploding and bringing the Guardian down to one knee. Run over and use the Death Grip to latch onto the nearby Heart Stone. Repeatedly attack it with your Scythe. Repeat this same process until Death has destroyed this Heart Stone.

With its arm now rendered useless, the Guardian will now start to shoot out massive spike-covered orbs. These are referred to as Grinders and they will roll towards Death. Target the Grinder and repeatedly shoot at it with Redemption.

After hitting the Grinder several times, it will temporarily stop in its tracks. Ride along on Despair and circle around the Guardian, so that the Guardian is between you and the Grinder. After awhile, the Grinder will awaken and shoot itself towards Death. Line it up so that the Grinder hits the Guardian, sending him down to one knee.

Run over to the Guardian’s left hand and quickly run up it, using the pegs that are attached. From here, jump and use the Death Grip to reach the second Heart Stone. Deliver several slashes with your sword to deal some damage. Repeat this same process until the second Heart Stone has done broken.

A scene will then take place where Death will run up the Guardian and transform into his Reeper Form, destroying the final Heart Stone. Elder Eideard will then revive the massive Guardian. The Guardian will then uses its massive hammer to destroy the corruption that blocked the path to the Tree of life. However, this will destroy the Guardian as well.

Once you gain control of Death, ride forward on Despair and collect the loot that is left for you. Jump back on Despair and ride northward into The Verdant Hollow. Continue onward to reach the Tree of Life.

Death will reach a gate, which will take Death to a new land, the Tree of Death.

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