Darksiders II Walkthrough: The Kingdom of the Dead

After speaking with Ostegoth ride forth on Despair to reach the Craglands. Continue onward down this linear pathway and you’ll reach Leviathan’s Gorge. You will encounter some enemy skeletons. These are the most common enemies in the Kingdom of the Dead and also the easiest to defeat.

Before crossing the bridge, turn to the left and at the very edge you will find the first Relic of Eu-Goth. These are the rare relics that Ostegoth had mentioned. There is a few things we can do here, but for now, just follow the pathway straight ahead and enter the Breach.

Use a series of wall runs, jumps, and the Death Grip to traverse across the walls here. Once you reach some vines, jump across the gap and use the Death Grip on a nearby hoop. Climb up to another hoop and then wall jump away to reach a higher platform.

Open the nearby treasure chest to get some loot. Then step on the switch to lower the nearby gate. Quickly dash forward to make it passed the gate. There are two treasure chest here, one of which we don’t be able to reach. Open the one you have access to to get some loot. At the end of this hall drop down the gap and then down another hole.

Drop down once again and you’ll find two floor switches here. Once you step on the one facing eastward, a series of spiked pillars will temporarily disappear. Quickly run across, using wall runs and wall jumps to get to the other side.

Go through the adjacent door and you’ll get ambushed by some skeletal warriors. Theses boney creatures are more powerful than their skeleton counterparts, but they shouldn’t give Death much trouble. Defeat them with simple attacks and then head through the door to the east.

There are two bridges in this large open area and one switch nearby. If you push the switch in, it will change which bridge is up. Just next to the switch you will find a shadow bomb. Use the Death Grip to grab a shadow bomb and place it just to the right of the switch. Grab a second shadow bomb and place it to the right of the previous bomb. Basically, you want to create a line between the shadow bomb and the switch. Do not explode these bombs just yet.

Cross the first bridge and walk to the northeast part of the room. From here face westward and you’ll be able to see the bombs in the distance. Use Redemption to blow up the bombs, triggering the switch in the process. This should change which bridges are accessible, allowing Death to reach the treasure chest at the east end of the room. Open up the treasure chest to get a Skeleton Key.

You will be ambushed by small Scarabs. These pesky flying enemies are similar to Stingers and can be taken out easily using Redemption. Backtrack to the first bridge, but it is now lowered, preventing you from crossing. Turn to the south and jump to the wooden plank. From here jump to the nearby hand hold. Climb this wall, using the Death Grip on the hoop above. Open the nearby treasure chests to get some extra goodies.

Drop back down to the hand hold and traverse around the corner. Wall jump to get back across the bridge and then head back through the door. Walk back through the door to the south and then use the Skeleton Key on the locked door found here.

Travel down this corridor and drop down to the floor below. Defeat the enemies and continue on to the next room. Once you head through the door, turn to the left to get a Boatman Coin. Continue onward and head through the next door.

If you’d like to continue on through the critical path, just head straight through the door to the south. For some collectibles, defeat the Skeletons and then collect the Boatman Coin behind the statue at the east end of the room. Behind the statue on the other side of the room you will find a shadow bomb. Grab one and then toss it at the corruption crystals at the upper part of this room. Scale the walls to get up to this western ledge.

Climb onto the hand hold here and you’ll be able to climb up to the next floor. There are two treasure chests here, but you can only open one of them for now. Climb back down to the hand hold and then use the series of hand hols, as well as the hoop to get to a hidden treasure chest at the east end of the room. You’ll have to jump off the wall and then use the Death Grip, which can be tricky. Afterwards, drop down and head through the door to the south.

Death will now be back outside at a place known as The Maw. Cross the bridge until you reach a cross section. Turn to the left and at the very edge of the bridge you will find a boatman coin. Now walk Westward across the bridge.

Defeat the enemies if you’d like, but then take the pathway to the left. Continue following the pathway, heading towards the yellow spot that is specified on your map. This area is rather linear, but there are a few treasure chests and you can even meet up with the Demon merchant Vulgrim. Continue climbing until you reach Serpent’s Peak.

Death will automatically change into Reaper Form, swinging at the bellow, which summons the Eternal Throne. After what looks like a series of suicide dives onto the giant Leviathans, Death will finally land on the Eternal Throne.

Walk around the corner and do some basic climbing here. You’ll have to jump onto the nearby pillar to reach the higher platform. Walk around this platform to find a treasure chest with some goodies. Run over and grab hold of the hand hold nearby and continue traversing through this area. Climb the nearby vines and you’ll find a hoop here. Time your jump and use the Death Grip to swing over the anchor in the distance.

Use the anchor to get over to the platform at the distance. There are a pair of anchors on this other side of the floating ship. Jump from one to the other and then use the Death Grip once again. Open the treasure chest that is nearby

Make your way over to another hoop where Death can use the Death Grip. Swing over to the vines and climb up this pillar. Jump up to the hand hold and then up to the wooden beam. Jump over to some more hand holds and work your way around this pillar.

Jump from hand hold to hand hold and then down to a wooden beam. There are two hoops in a row where Death can use the Death Grip. Use it to reach a distant wooden beam. From here traverse across a series of hand holds and drop down to another beam.

There is a second set of hoops here, so use your Death Grip to get across. Traverse across a hand hold and then drop down to a lower area here. Make your way through this rather linear area, using the Death Grip to traverse across the basic puzzles. Drop down a hole in the ground and then head through the door.

Climb the steps and speak with Draven. You can purchase some skills from him if you’d like, but then climb the steps on the side of the area, leading to the southern end of the Throne.

Speak to the guards, but they will not allow Death to pass. The Chancellor will appear and will state that if you’d like an audience with the Lord of Bones, you must first travel to the Guilded Arena. If you defeat the Arena’s Champion and bring its skull, then you can speak with the Lord of Bones.

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