Darksiders II Walkthrough: Court of Bones 1: Phariseer

After meeting with the Death Court, our next destination is back at The Maw. Use Fast Travel to quickly make your way to The Maw. Ride across the bridge with Despair and make your way to the marked location on your map. Open the massive door to enter Phairseer’s Tomb.

Once you enter, walk forward and strike the crystal to activate the elevator. The long drop down will bring you into the depths of Phairseer’s Tomb.

In this first room there are some enemies mummies. These are some of the most simplistic enemies you’ll find in this area and should give you on trouble at all. Be sure to pickup the boatman coin at the north end of the room before continuing on to the next area.

Make your way through another room of mummies and then you’ll find yourself in a large gated room. Climb the hand holds on the right side of the room and work your way over to the shadow bomb. Go ahead and use the shadow bombs to destroy all of the corruption crystals that are found throughout this room. With the corruption cleared, you can climb up and open the treasure chest to get some loot.

There is a massive statue at the north end of the room. Use the Death Grip to pull it down to the floor below. Push the statue so that it is all the way up against the gate at the east end of the room.

Run back to the west end of the room and stand on the floor tile. From here use the Death Grip to grab a shadow bomb from the wall where corruption crystals use to be. While standing on the floor switch, toss a shadow bomb at the pillar, with the explosion causing the statue move further eastward. Step off the switch and the gate will try to close, but the pillar prevents it. Run eastward and head through the door.

There are four crystals in this room and each of them represents one of the floors in this tomb. If you look at the ground, you can see some roman numerals, specifying which crystal is associated with which floor. For now, don’t hit any of the crystals and instead just walk eastward to the next room.

In this small chamber there is a treasure chest containing some loot. At the far east end of the room, you’ll also find a Book of the Dead page. That’s pretty much all there is to get here, so return to the elevator.

If you strike the crystal that has the roman numeral III next to it, you fill find there is a locked door to the south where we will need to first get a Skeleton Key. If you try to stop at the second floor, you will get an encounter with Phariseer. He prevents you from stopping here and the elevator will automatically drop down to the first floor. Once it stops, head through the door to the north.

Once you enter this room climb the hand holds to the left and use them to reach the west end of the room. There is a boatman coin for you to collect here, so jump off the hand hold to grab it. Afterwards, press in the switch, causing one of the chains in the room to rise and another one to fall.

Use the Death Grip to reach the east end of the room and open the treasure chest to get the Dungeon Map. Turn around and you will find that there is a shadow bomb just above the hoop that you just used. Use the Death Grip to grab this shadow bomb and then toss it back to the switch at the west end of the room. Don’t detonate it just yet.

Climb back to the south end of the room using the hand holds. Use Redemption to shoot the shadow bomb, causing the lever to get pushed in. As soon as the first chain drops, use the Death Grip to latch onto the loop. Before the second chain rises, using the Death Grip a second time to reach the north end of the room. Run ahead and open the treasure chest to get a Skeleton Key.

Run back across to get to the elevator room, but before you can do so, a Wraith will appear. This flying undead creature will attack you with its two swords. Despite its look and attack, this wraith shouldn’t be much trouble. However, once defeated, a pair of wraiths appear, in which they can be much more difficult in groups. Send out some ghouls if needed to defeat them and then head back to the elevator room.

Travel back up to floor number III. Use the Skeleton on the locked door and heat southward. Run along in this room and the gate behind you will close. Here you will fight a number of enemy wriaths and they can be a bit cumbersome. Be sure to break some of the environmental objects nearby to get some potions if you need them.

After the wraiths are done away with a massive Undead General will appear. This massive creature will charge at you with its shield and occasionally attack with its polearm weapon. The shield also works as a line of defense against Death’s weapons. Your best bet is to either use a Teleport Slash, or summon some Ghouls to attack. Otherwise, just use the Death Grip to get close and try to get in a few hits before his shield blocks the attacks. Items with piercing damage work well in getting by its defense.

After the Undead General has been defeated, destroy the crate at the norhtwest part of the room to get a Relic of Eru-Goth. Additionally, there is a Boatman Coin in a crate at the southeast part of the room. Travel northeard and you will find a Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scroll on the side passage to the left. Continue onward and head through the door at the end to get back to the elevator room.

Grab onto the nearby hand holds and then perform a wall run to get across to some more hand holds. Traverse around the elevator room to reach the door at the east end of the room.

Shoot the shadow bomb on the left to break the nearby corruption crystals. Wall run over to the wooden beam and then slowly climb downward. Run over to another nearby beam and then continue downward. From here run to the nearby hand hold to reach a treasure chest with some loot.

Run back to the beam and continue downward. Run over to another adjacent beam. From here leap over to more beams and then run over to some vines. Climb the vines and pull the lever on this platform. This will cause a bridge to appear from down below.

Jump down and get rid of all the mummies. Use the Death Grip to grab the large statue and push it across the bridge. You’ll notice a hoop higher up on the wall to the right. You can climb up here to find a Book of the Dead page. Continue dragging the pillar to the circular room and place it on the switch.

We now need to make our way back to the elevator room, but from the higher floor. Return to the previous room and use the series of hand holds, some vines, and wooden beams to climb back up to the top of the room. Go through the door to get back to the elevator room.

Once you reach the elevator room hit the crystal switch next to the II. With the pillar now locked in place below the elevator, you will finally be able to stop at the second floor. Go through the door to the west.

Climb down the steps and step on the switch to lower the gate. Walk over to the central room to take on the dungeon boss, Phariseer.

The boss battle with Phariseer is not difficult at all. Just fight him as if he was just a slightly stronger foe. Use your Scythe and Heavy attacks to deal some damage. Just be sure to evade Phaeriseer’s attacks as they can be quite damaging.

After dealing a bit of damage, Phariseer will start to summon some Skeletons. These creatures aren’t difficult, but can be annoying in large quantities. Summon some ghouls if you have them and continue tearing away at Phariseer.

Once Phariseer has been defeated, you will be able to command him using your Interdiction ability. In the center of this room you will see a symbol on the ground. You can stand on this symbol and then use Interdiction to summon Phariseer. Target the switch on the other side of the gate and Phariseer will travel towards it, stepping on it, and allowing Death to pass.

Before leaving the tomb, there is one more goodie for us to collect. Return to the elevator room and then drop off the ledge to the east. Travel through the door to the south. Use the circle to summon Phariseer and then have him stand on the switch to lower the gate. Climb down the steps and head through the door.

Grab the shadow bomb from the area to the west and use it to blow up the corruption crystals at the south end of the room. Drop down to the floor below and then use the circle to summon Phariseer. Send him to the floor switch in the center of the room.

At the northeast corner of the room you will find a secret Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scroll, so be sure to pick that up. Open the three treasure chests to get some goodies, but each time you do so, enemies will be summon. This includes several mummies, wraiths, and a pair of Undead Generals. They can be quite difficult to battle against in this small room.

You can return to the circle and summon Phariseer. He will fight alongside you in this battle. Afterwards, rather than backtrack through the dungeon, just use Fast Travel. You next destination is at The Spine. For now just fast travel back to The Maw, just outside of Phariseer’s Tomb.

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