Darksiders II Walkthrough: The Rod of Arafel

Once Death arrives on Earth, he will see that the place is overrun by the demons of Hell. The Hellguard is battling with the enemies of Hell, including its leader, Uriel.

Battle alongside the Hellguard, defeating the Swarm. The Swarm is the name given to the undead that roam the Earth. In addition to the undead, there will be several Fleshbursters. These massive creatures will run towards Death and will burst if they draw near to Death, doing massive damage in the process.

After defeating the swarm of enemies, Uriel will give Death Salvation, a massive cannon that can should rapid fire, along with a large burst of fire. Speak with Uriel to unlock a new side quest, the Light of the Fallen, in which Death will need to slay 10 angels that are trapped.

There are several goodies to collect in this area. There are two treasure chests marked on your map, along with a boatman coin at the northwest part of the area. There is a second boatman coin located at the southern building, in the adjacent building to one of the chests.

As you travel to the northeast, the swarm and several fleshbursters will come running quickly towards you. Use Salvation to shoot them before they can get too close. Walk all the way to the east follow down the pathway. In the area down below, walk over and get the Soul Arbiter’s Scroll.

Make your way through a building to the northeast and once you get back to the streets, you will find another Salvation gun in case you dropped yours. There is a trapped Hellguard angel hanging above. Shoot at the angel to end its suffering.

Continue down the path and you’ll encounter a massive enemy known as suffering. Deliver a few blasts with the Salvation cannon to defeat this massive creature. Keep progressing to the northeast part of the map. Once you enter the area with large red spikes, turn to the right to find a Book of the Dead page.

Travel into the subway and down the steps. Look at the wall at the west end of this room to find the second Trapped Hellguard angel. Follow down this fairly linear pathway down a second set of stairs. Once you reach an area with a fallen angle and a Salvation Gun, walk eastward and free the third Trapped Hellguard angel.

This next area has a large Suffering enemy, so be careful. On your map you’ll find two treasure chests with some goodies, so collect them if you’d like. At the west end of this room, use the Salvation Gun to destroy the strange green wall and collect the Staff of Arafel.

If you run northward from where you got the Staff, you will find a Relic of Renagoth. Make your way back to where you got the Rod of Arafel and climb the first set of steps. Look up and you will find a Book of the Dead page floating above. Use the Death Grip to grab it.

Continue climbing the steps to get back out to the streets. You’ll actually be just near where you first met Uriel and the Hellguard. Turn right and head on over to meet with them.

After speaking with Uriel, she will break the nearby barrier, allowing you to pass. Walk town into the tunnel and at the east end you will find a Book of the Dead page. Follow this tunnel and defeat all the enemies. There is another weapon at the end of the tunnel, but it attacks a bit slower. I’d recommend sticking with Salvation.

There is an onslaught of enemies that keep charging towards you. Defeat them with your ranged weapon and continue onward. There are two treasure chests in this area, one of which contains the dungeon map.

Near the treasure chest where you got the dungeon map, you can hook around the corner and run to the north end to get a Relic of Renagoth.

As you turn back southward, look above and you’ll find the fourth of the trapped Hellguard. Free it using your ranged gun.

Run south through one of the buildings and continue onward to the next open area. Run straight ahead into the open building and collect a Book of the Dead Page. Back outside, if you look at the far southeast portion of this area at the top of the buildings, you will find the fifth trapped Hellguard, so shoot it with one of your ranged weapons.

Run westward and drop down to the area below to take on a boss in the form of The Noss. Ignore the stingers that are sent out towards you and just keep blasting away with Salvation. Fortunately, with Salvation, the Noss is an absolute joke and should be easily defeated.

Be sure to pickup the boatman coin at the southward part of this area and then continue southward. Continue along this path and be sure to pickup the goodies from the nearby treasure chest. Climb the pavement on the right and continue onward. There is a Salvation gun straight ahead and just around the corner, you will find the sixth trapped Hellguard.

Continue onward and be sure to collect the goodies from the treasure chest in the next area. The next area is a tunnel filled with cars. You can shoot these cars to cause explosions and harm some of the swarm. There are several fleshburters and even a suffering in this cave, so be careful. Take the pathway to the south and you’ll find the seventh trapped Hellguard.

Travel through the sewer and after passing through the corridor on the left, be sure to pickup the boatman coin. Defeat the suffering in the next area and shoot the green blob to pickup the Eye of Arafel. Also, if you look at the wall to the west in a small corridor, you will find a Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scroll.

Continue passed the green area where you got the Eye of Arafel. Drop down below and run ahead to meet back up with Uriel and the Hellguard. Uriel will clear the next barrier. Before progressing onward, collect the Book of the Dead Page just to the south, along with the boatman coin at the northwest part of this area.

This twisting area has nothing of interest, so continue through it to get back outside. Defeat the Noss that appears. This area has four mailboxes and if Death breaks all four of them, a secret treasure chest will appear. Walk to the far west ledge and look down to find the eighth trapped Hellguard.

Progress northward and defeat the suffering that appears. Defeat more of the swarm and be sure to collect the boatman coin from the small room to the left. Once you reach the edge of the bridge, turn around and climb up to the higher portion.

Run across the bridge and you’ll encounter another Noss. This one is in the distance, so you’ll have to defeat the swarm and the stingers as you close in. Once you defeat the Noss, turn around and look at the higher portion of the bridge. Use your gun too shoot the ninth trapped Hellguard.

Walk to the south end of the bridge and then take the pathway to the east. Blast away at the last green blob and collect the Rod of Arafel. Make your way through the hotel and collect the goodies from the treasure chest. Across from the treasure chest you will find a Relic of Etu-Goth.

Continue onward a few rooms and be sure to snag the boatman coin from the hole in the west wall. In the next room, be sure to blast the tenth and final trapped Hellguard. Drop out the window to return back to the first area of Earth.

Speak with Uriel and if you’ve freed all ten of the trapped Hellguard, you will have completed the ‘Light of the Fallen’ side quest. As a reward for completing the quest, Uriel will give you Sunder, a powerful secondary weapon.

With the Rod of Arafel in hand, there is nothing left for us to do on Earth. Once you are ready, you can return the portal to get back to the Crystal Spire.

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