Abyssal Armor

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Abyssal Armor
Game(s) Darksiders
Location(s) Found Various

Abyssal Armor is a set of armor that is featured in Darksiders.


[edit] Overview

A piece of bloodforged Abyssal Armor. Collect 10 to complete the set.
The Art of Darksiders description.

The Abyssal Armor set drastically increases War's defenses, while also giving War several unique abilities. Enemy attacks will deal less damage and when War performs various attacks, he will regenerate some of his own health, similar to the Bloodthirst enhancement. There are ten pieces of the abyssal armor scattered throughout the Destroyed City.

Many of the armor pieces cannot be acquired when passing through the particular area for the first time. Instead, sometimes you will need to backtrack to the location after collecting an item in the future.

The abyssal armor is a completely optional quest and one of the many collection quests featured in Darksiders. The abyssal armor set also drastically changes War's physical appearance.

When playing through Darksiders, if you collect all ten pieces of the abyssal armor and then beat the game, you can start a new record and you'll have the abyssal armor from the beginning. When going through the game at this point, each of the abyssal armor treasure chests will now contain 500 souls each.

[edit] Locations

The Abyssal Armor pieces are listed in the order that they can first be acquired.

  1. Scalding Gallow: When you first reach the Scalding Gallow from the Library, you will find a pillar on the right with some Bomb Growth. There is conveniently a bomb right next to the bomb growth. War can pickup a car and toss it at the bomb, causing the entire pillar to explode, creating a ramp that allows War to reach the higher platform. The treasure chest is located straight ahead once War climbs the ramp. Alternatively, War can use the Crossblade or other projectiles as he gets them.
  2. Scalding Gallow: Located directly underneath Samael's prison, War will need to use Shadowflight in order to reach it. Stand next to the Vulgrim location and face Samael's prison. Jump in the direction and after a second or two, use Shadowflight to glide over to the platform that is lower down. Walk up the pathway and open the chest to get the abyssal armor piece. You can then use shadowflight to bring yourself back up to the surface.
  3. Twilight Cathedral: This piece of armor is located near the end of the dungeon. After War puts the three swords in place, the circular platform will rise up, allowing War to reach the dungeon boss door. At the southeast part of this room, War can climb the block and the wall slots, allowing him to reach the balcony. At the end of the hall there is a Goremaw that is blocking the path. Use the Crossblade to stun it and then head through the door. Climb down the steps, head around the corner, and open the treasure chest to get the abyssal armor piece.
  4. Drowned Pass: As soon as you enter the Drowned Pass, War can walk straight ahead and jump down the waterfall to get to the lake below. Just to the left, War can swim to the bottom of the lake and will find a cave that will eventually lead to a treasure chest containing the abyssal armor piece. It's exact location is at the northeast corner of the Drowned Pass, while underwater. War will go to this cave for one of the Shadow Challenges, but he cannot get the treasure chest while in the Shadow Realm.
  5. Drowned Pass: After completing all of the Shadow challenges in the Drowned Pass, War can use the Earthcaller at the Tormented Gated. The massive golem will give War one the abyssal armor pieces.
  6. The Hollow: Located on the west side of the Hollow in one of the long horizontal rooms that has train tracks in the middle. As War first enters this room, a Grappleclaw demon will smash through one of the walls. The treasure chest containing the abyssal armor piece is in the hole on the opposite wall.
  7. Iron Canopy: Located at the northeast corner of the main floor of the Iron Canopy. After defeating the first Loom Warden, you will find a room with a Chronosphere. Near the ceiling of this room, there is an orange grapple point that War can use the Abyssal Chain to reach. Afterwards he can use Shadowflight to float over to the higher platform where the chest containg the abyssal armor is located.
  8. The Ashlands: Ride on Ruin to a cliff that is east of the mining towers within the Ashlands. You will find a shadow flight point that can be used to reach the higher platform. There are a series of grapple points where War can use the Abyssal Chain to get across. Another grapple point is on the top of the roof of the large drilling tower here. Grapple up to it and then open the nearby treasure chest to get the abyssal armor piece.
  9. The Black Throne: While traversing through the Black Tower to reach the third Guardian, War will come across a rotating platform that has portals that can be created with the Voidwalker. After using this rotating platform to reach the other side, War will find a bomb, along with another portal. Using the voidwalker on the nearby portal, along with the portal that is on the rotating platform, War will be able to see some red Crystals. He can toss a bomb through the portal to blowup the crystals and then he can follow through the portal to find the treasure chest containing the abyssal armor piece.
  10. Eden: After War gets the Mask of Shadows and defeats Shadow War, he will have access to much of Eden. Jump into the shallow water at the east end of the map and keep walking in this direction. At the northeast corner of the map, there is a waterfall that War can walk right through. Here he can use the Mask of Shadows to see the treasure chest that contains the abyssal armor piece.

[edit] Video Guide

Video Guide by YouTube user XCVii007r1

[edit] Darksiders II

Abyssal Armor
Game(s) Darksiders II
Location(s) Found Death Tomb IV
Item Level 22
Defense 208
Arcane Critical Damage 74
Strength 74
Critical Chance +7%
Tier Legendary
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