Achidna's Fangs

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Achidna's Fangs
Game(s) Darksiders II
Use(s) Defeat Enemies
Item Level 15
Damage 132 - 152 (Fast)
Critical Chance +17%
Special Ability Searing Venom

The Achidna's Fangs are a Legendary Item featured in Darksiders II.


[edit] Overview

The fangs of Achidna have drained life from countless creatures over the millennia to feed the beast's hunger. Now fashioned into weapons for Death, Achidna's fangs siphon health from his foes, weakening them only to strengthen the Reaper. Description[1]

[edit] Darksiders II

The Achidna's Fangs are a type of Legendary Item. Much like the rest of the smaller weapons, Death can use them for rapid hits on his enemies, and can even use them in combination with his Scythe.

[edit] Acquisition

Death must defeat Basileus in the Kingdom of the Dead to acquire this weapon (both Achidna and Basileus are together). Despite killing Achidna herself even when the boss fight isn't over, Death will not be able to acquire this weapon until Basileus is beaten into submission.

[edit] Special Ability

This weapon allows life-stealing attacks that work with ANY weapon, so long as it is a critical hit. This allows for excellent pairing with other weapons when the player wishes to survive while using a scythe that does not heal. Any attack will heal the player, so long as it lands as a critical hit (including other weapons such as Redemption).

[edit] Gallery

[edit] References

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