Anvil's Ford

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Anvil's Ford
Appearance(s) Darksiders
Race(s) Maker
Character(s) Ulthane
Item(s) Mercy
Armageddon Blade
Miniboss(s) Ulthane
Enemies Light Angel
Angel Champion

Anvil's Ford is a location within the Destroyed City of Darksiders.


[edit] Overview

The Anvil's Ford is hidden in the wastes. Here, sparks leap from an anvil as steel is flattened and honed. Above this blazing forge leans Ulthane, a being far older than the war between Heaven and Hell. With each clang of metal on metal, Ulthane perfects legendary arms and armor. On his walls are spears to fell skyborne demons and swords to pierce the blackest of hearts.

Ulthane will need such an arsenal if he is to survive the demon hordes. His smithy cannot remain hidden for long.

[edit] Darksiders

Anvil's Ford is a location that War will return to on a number of occasions throughout his quest.

[edit] The Hollow

War finds himself at the Anvil's Ford in a search for The Black Hammer. He comes across a massive hammer in the area, but he later finds out that it is Ulthane himself that is the Black Hammer. A battle ensues, though a victor is never reached, as it is interrupted by Uriel and the Hellguard. Ulthane and War will then work side by side to fight against the angels.

A competition will ensue as to who can kill more angels. If War can successfully kill more angels than Ulthane, he will earn the One Tough Cookie Achievement or Trophy. While battling with the Light Angels and the Angel Champions, War will be able to get a Redemption cannon. This massive gun allows him to defeat even the strongest of angels without breaking a sweat.

After War fights alongside Ulthane, he will have to do battle with the Archangel Uriel. Before he is able to deliver the final blow, Uriel is carried away by fellow members of the Hellguard. Ulthane does not believe that War is who he says he is, a member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Ulthane will give War a test, and in order to prove himself, he will have to travel to The Hollow and defeat The Griever

[edit] Mercy

After War defeat The Griever within The Hollow, he will return to Ulthane. Now that he has the Tremor Gauntlet, he tosses the massive hammer towards Ulthane. For defeating the Griever, Ulthane will reward War with Mercy, a pistol that is a replica of a gun wielded by War's brother, Strife.

[edit] Armageddon Blade

After War travels to Eden, he will set off on a quest to gather the Armageddon Shards and reforge the Armageddon Blade. War will need to collect the seven shards, and once he has them all, he will return to Ulthane to forge the Armageddon Blade.

[edit] Enemies

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