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Appearance(s) Darksiders II
Enemies Construct Warrior

Baneswood is an area featured in Darksiders II located within the Forge Lands.

Baneswood is first reached early on in the game after Death passes through The Weeping Crag. Baneswood borders The Weeping Crag to the west, The Nook to the northeast, and The Charred Pass to the southeast.


[edit] Overview

Baneswood is a wide open forest that Death rides through on Despair. The area is flooded with enemy Construct Warriors that patrol the various sections. There are several areas of ruin that Death can explore to find miscellaneous treasure chests and other goodies. The surface is very hilly, with pathways climbing up to secret ruins and treasure chests.

As Death travels eastward, the green vibrant landscape gives way to Autumn scenery that leads into the much darker Charred Pass.

[edit] Items

[edit] Trivia

The eastern portion of Baneswood does not have an official name, but the Darksiders II: Prima Games Strategy Guide refers to this area as the East Trail.

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