Eternal Throne

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Eternal Throne
Appearance(s) Darksiders II
Race(s) Skeletal Lords
Character(s) Ostegoth‎‎

The Eternal Throne is a location in the upcoming Darksiders II found within the Dead Plains.

[edit] Overview

David Adams, the General Manager of Darksiders II had this to say about the Eternal Throne.

"The Eternal Throne is where the Lords of the undead rule over the Undead Plains so there is a lot of Skeletal Lords and stuff that rule from that floating fortress."

The Eternal Throne is a soaring airship that are pulled through the air by undead Leviathans. While Death makes his way through the Eternal Throne, he will be able to interact with some of the merchants and mentors, including Ostegoth‎‎ and Draven the blade master.

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