Frostforged Twins

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Frostforged Twins
Frostforged Twins.png
Game(s) Darksiders II - Argul's Tomb
Location(s) Found Serpent Tomes
Item Level 30
Damage (Fast) 211-243
Ice Damage 59
Wrath Steal +5%
Wrath Per Kill 26
Tier Legendary

[edit] Overview

Layer upon layer of glacial ice forms the razored edges of these armblades. Each strike from the Twins leves the wound rimed with freezing ice, making each blow especially savage. In addition, the Twins' enchantments steal Wrath energy from any opponent and transfer it to their wielder.
– Darksiders II in-game Description

[edit] Acquired

This legendary weapon can be found in the Serpent Tomes once Frostbane's death was reported to Ostegoth.

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