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Game(s) Darksiders II
Habitat(s) Weeping Crag

A Gorewood is giant wooded enemy featured in Darksiders II.


[edit] Darksiders II

Gorewood is first encountered while Death makes his way through the Maker's Realm. However, he is a guardian of one of the side dungeons and Death doesn't need to battle him. While Gorewood can be challenged very early on in the quest, Death will not have the proper Loot or Wrath Abilities to give it much of a fight.

Victory is possible, but difficult, at around level 8, and 12+ is recommended, with gear and weapons to match. It is possible to beat him much earlier in Death's adventure, if the skilled, or the foolhardy, wish to attempt it. Be careful however, as a single hit can bring Death to his knees.

[edit] Location

He is hidden underneath the Weeping Crag. His lair can be reached by swimming through an underwater tunnel. To reach the tunnel, first reach the room where Death encounters the level 5 Stalker, which is behind the locked door. Drop down a hole to the northwest. You will land at the top of a partially submerged staircase. Up on a ledge reachable by wallrun is a Book of the Dead page, but to reach Gorewood dive straight down in the deepest part of the water. At the bottom will be the tunnel leading to Gorewood. NOTE: In his lair is a Stone of Power.

Gorewood appears several times with various enemy combinations during The Crucible.

[edit] Strategies

When battling Gorewood, the massive creature will send out homing weeds towards Death and they can be quite difficult to avoid. Death can only dodge three times in a row, before he must take a break. One trick is to have Death dodge away just twice, and then run around for a second or two, allowing Death to dodge multiple times once again.

An effective strategy is also to move on small circles as the weeds draw near. If timed properly, Death can cut the corners and the weeds will miss Death.

[edit] Video

Location and Fight
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