Mordant Dew

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Mordant Dew
Game(s) Darksiders II
Location(s) Found Shadow Gorge

Mordant Dew is an item found within Darksiders II.

[edit] Overview

The poison from a Stinger's needles. Needed by Muria to make you a special talisman.
Darksiders II In-game description

Mordant Dew is the second item collected in the Shaman's Craft Side-Quest. After first collecting Stalker's Bone and speaking with Karn, Death will learn about Mordant Dew, which Karn says can be found within The Drenchfort.

Mordant Dew can be collected by defeating a Stinger. These creatures first appear in the Shadow Gorge and make several re-appearances throughout the Forge Lands. Death can easily defeat these pesky creatures with two shots from Redemption.

After collecting Mordant Dew, speak with Karn once again and you'll then need to find the final item in Shaman's Craft, the Carven Stone.

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