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Game(s) Darksiders II
Location(s) Found Tome
Item Level 15
Defense 31
Damage (Fast) 55 - 65
Special Ability Aegis Burst
Tier Legendary

Mortis is a weapon featured in Darksiders II.


[edit] Overview

Mortis is a buckler that combines attack and defense into one brutal weapon. Since ancient times, Mortis has defended its wielder by responding to any attack with a surge of lethal energy that unerringly seeks out and punishes the opponent.
Darksiders II in-game Description
A light secondary weapon that delivers lightning-fast, but less damaging, attacks.

Special Abilities: Gives Death a defensive stance that can be followed by a ground pound. Description[1]

[edit] Darksiders II

Mortis is a small melee weapon. Much like the rest of the smaller weapons, Death can use them for rapid hits on his enemies, and can even use them in combination with heavy weapons.

[edit] Acquisition

Mortis is a special unlockable item that can only be acquired by including the secret code that is given when fans order the Darksiders Novel, Darksiders: The Abomination Vault.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] References

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