Omega Blades

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Omega Blades
Game(s) Darksiders II
Location(s) Found The Shattered Forge
Item Level 7
Damage (Fast) 73 - 83
Critical Chance +7%
Special Ability Omega Fire
Tier Legendary

The Omega Blades are a weapon featured in Darksiders II.


[edit] Overview

The Omega Blades were built, piece by piece, from the shattered weapons of slain angels. When wielded, the Omega Blades ignite with raging fires. Each strike of the scythes can cause opponents to erupt into flames, and those flames can spread to nearby enemies. This effect, known as the Omega Fire, consumes all those who oppose the balance.
Darksiders II in-game description

A light secondary weapon that delivers lightning-fast, but less damaging, attacks.[1]

[edit] Darksiders II

The Omega Blades are a small melee weapon. Much like the rest of the smaller weapons, Death can use them for rapid hits on his enemies. As it is a secondary weapon, it can only be used in conjunction with a primary weapon.

[edit] Acquisition

The Omega Blades are found within The Shattered Forge, an optional dungeon found within the Shadow Gorge of the Forge Lands. The Omega Blades are found hidden behind a Corruption crystal in one of the rooms. Death will need to use a Shadowbomb that he can acquire from the next room.

[edit] Video

Acquiring the Omega Blades

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[edit] References

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