Reaper Form

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Reaper Form
Death-Reaper-Form.jpgDeath wielding a Scythe in his Reaper form.
Game(s) Darksiders II
Use(s) Defeat Enemies
Similar Item(s) Chaos Form

Reaper Form is Death's special form in Darksiders II. It serves a similar purpose to War's Chaos Form from the original Darksiders game. Death is able to use his Reaper Form before his meter is actually filled up, albeit for a shorter period of time. He can also quickly transform into his Reaper Form, continuing combos that he started in his standard form. While in Reaper form, Death will be able to open doors, pick up big objects, and even perform interactive death sequences with some larger enemies.


[edit] Appearance

When Death is within his Reaper Form, he will grow large wings compiled of bone and carry a massively sized Scythe. Death's entire face is completely hidden by a hood and his legs are covered with a robe, which give off a Grim Reaper-like appearance.

[edit] Acquiring Reaper Form

Each time Death uses a skill point, it will increase Death's Reaper Gauge. After Death has gained six skill points, the ability to initiate his Reaper Form will be unlocked. When Death acquires 12 and 18 skill points, his Reaper Form will get an upgrade in power. The Reaper Gauge automatically adds up each time Death spends a skill point on one of the two Skill Trees.

[edit] Abilities

Much like War's Chaos Form, there are two types of attacks Death can perform. Primary actions involve multiple quick strikes to the enemy, while secondary throws a vertical blade to the distance for enemies farther away from Death.

[edit] Cancelling Reaper Form

One thing to be particularly noted about this specific form is the ability to prematurely end the reaper form in case if Death accidentally starts it up at an inopportune moment. Simply pressing the "Reaper Form" button again will deactivate it and prevent wasting energy. This can be especially useful as, at the end of Death un-morphing back into his normal self, he emits a shock wave that damages all nearby enemies, allowing it to be used as a finishing move while saving energy.

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