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Appearance(s) Darksiders
Darksiders II
Location(s) Scalding Gallow
Race Demon
Reward(s) Prison Break

Samael is a demon that is featured extensively in the original Darksiders, but also makes another appearance in Darksiders II.


[edit] Overview

Samael is a demon of terrible power and warped beauty. His black wings are hideously inverted, a cruel mockery of the angels he has battled against for so long. To look upon Samael is to know the true face of evil. Samael rejected The Destroyer's rule. For this, Samael was imprisoned for eternity and now his every thought is of vengeance.

[edit] Darksiders

Samael is first encountered in the Scalding Gallow. Samael's prison is initially guarded by a Phantom General. After War defeats the enemy he can push one of the nearby statues in place, freeing Samael from his prison. Doing so will give War the Prison Break Achievement or Trophy.

Samael reaches an agreement with War, where as if War brings him the Four Hearts of the Chosen, Samael grants him access to the tower. This tower is actually the location of The Black Throne. Throughout War's quest, Samael assits with him with two unique abilities. The first is Shadowflight, which allows War to have a pair of wings to glide across the air. Samael gives this ability to War prior to his journey to the Twilight Cathedral.

After defeating The Griever in The Hollow, Samael awards War with the Chronomancer. This ability allows War to slow the flow of time using Chronospheres. This ability is required in order to cross The Ashlands and avoid the Ashworms.

After War has collected all four Hearts of the Chosen he returns to Samael, only to find that he was tricked. It turns out that Samael didn't need the Hearts of the Chosen in order to open the portal leading to the Black Throne. He just made this arrangement so that he gain regain his power and he knew War would go along with such a plan. Samael states that he has the power to destroy War right then and there, but states that he is a man of his word. Samael can related to the quest for vengeance that War is on and thus, grants him access tot he portal.

Samael creates a Serpent Hole that leads to the Black Tower. The Watcher advises War not to enter it, as he fears it may lead to Hell. War trusts that Samael has acting on his word and granted access to the tower. Before entering the hole, Samael hints that the two will meet again.

[edit] Achievements and Trophies

[edit] Darksiders II

Samael is a boss in Darksiders II. He is the owner of the Demon Key, and ruler of The Black Stone. Death first hears about Samael from Ostegoth, who tells him that Samael has the Demon Key. He also tells Death that Samael is not here, or he would never have let his realm fall so deep into ruin.

Death then goes to Lilith, who has taken over The Black Stone due to Samael's absence. Lilith gives Death the ability to travel back in time. After this, Death makes his way through The Black Stone, and reaches Samael in the past.

At first, Samael thinks that Death was sent by the Charred Council, but realizes that he came here on his own agenda. Death asks for the Demon Key, but Samael attacks him instead. After Death defeats Samael, he willingly hands over the key. Before Death leaves, Samael remarks that Death may succeed after all.

[edit] Boss Battle

Samael is a powerful foe. He starts the fight by destroying the bridge to his throne. He mainly attacks by teleporting behind Death and attacking him. After lowering his health only slightly, he teleports back to his throne and throws large fireballs.

After taking away about half of his health, he sits on his throne, and makes it appear that he has been defeated. After continuously damaging him bit by bit, he attacks Death once more. This triggers a short quick time event: if Death fails, he will take damage. Samael then makes the bridge disappear, and connects the two platforms. The fight continues as usual until Samael is defeated.

[edit] Achievements and Trophies

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