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Appearance(s) Darksiders
Location(s) Iron Canopy
Race Demon
Effective Weapon(s) Abyssal Chain
Reward(s) One Mean Mother
Heart of the Chosen

Silitha is a giant spider who resides within the Iron Canopy, deep within The Ashlands. She is one of The Destroyer's Chosen.

[edit] Overview

Many unfortunate creatures find themselves trapped in Silitha's intricate webs, a silken snare strung across a corner of The Destroyer's city. She takes great pleasure in cracking bones between her fangs to suck out the marrow, or casting them into the chittering jaws of her children.

But sometimes, Silitha preserves her prisoners, to better enjoy their slow agonies. For the Spider Queen spins more than webs. She spins sadistic tales of woe, and writes their unhappy endings in her own venom.

[edit] Darksiders

When War first approaches the edge of The Ashlands, he will be captured and cocooned. After escaping, War finds himself within the Iron Canopy. When War reaches Silitha and the end of the dungeon, Silitha says to War that he does not need the four Hearts of the Chosen to reach the Spire. Silitha says that Samael is manipulating War to get the hearts, just so Samael can regain his power.

War dismisses this claim and proceeds to battle with Silitha. The spider has the special ability to teleport around the room, so War will need to use the Abyssal Chain to quickly close in on Silitha.

After War defeats Silitha he will earn the One Mean Mother Achievement or Trophy.

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