The Foundry

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The Foundry
The Death Grip is the dungeon item.
Appearance(s) Darksiders II
Item(s) Death Grip
Reward(s) The Triple Lindy
Boss Guardian
Miniboss(s) Corrupted Custodian
Enemies Savage Prowler
Corrupted Construct Warrior
Corrupted Construct Champion
Nightmare Stalker
Nightmare Prowler

The Foundry is a fire and water dungeon found in Darksiders II.


[edit] Overview

Death will be accompanied by Karn throughout the dungeon. Karn is a Maker, and he will help Death battle enemies and he will occasionally toss Death across impassable areas. Karn has massive strength and can hold open huge storm doors so that Death can pass.

Death will acquire the Death Grip while in the Foundry. This item works similar to the Abyssal Chain from the original Darksiders. It will allow Death to quickly latch onto certain objects and swing himself forward. The Death Grip will be used alongside wall running and wall jumping to traverse across long walls and gaps, previously impassable.

Throughout the dungeon, Death will have the help of a Custodian. This vehicle is capable of walking across lava, destroying corruption crystals, and using its massive chain to create a bridge for Death to run across. Later on in the dungeon, Death will encounter a Corrupted Custodian, one of the mini-bosses found within the Foundry.

During the second half of the dungeon, Death will need to gather three Heart Stones. After acquiring a massive stone, Karn will carry it and it needs to be taken back to the Guardian near the center of the dungeon. After all three heart stones have been gathered and brought back to the Guardian, the massive enemy will be awakened. However, due to the Guardian being corrupted, it will not cooperate with Death or Elder Eidard, leading it to be the dungeon boss of The Foundry.

[edit] Boss Battle

Main article: Guardian

During the first phase of the battle, Death will ride along on Despair, waiting for the Guardian to attack with his arm. After it misses, Death can shoot the bombs on its arm using Redemption to stun it. Then Death can use the Death Grip to latch onto the heart stone and slash away with his Scythe.

During the second phase of the battle, wait for the Guardian to shoot out a massive ball and then shoot the ball with Mercy. After hitting it enough times it will stop in its place momentarily and then it quickly shoots itself towards you. Ride on Ruin behind the guardian, so that the ball hits the massive creature. Climb up its arm and use the Death Grip to attack to the other heart stone.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Video

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3, Corrupted Custodian and Guardian
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