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Vulgrim-Concept-Art.jpg Concept Art from Darksiders.
Appearance(s) Darksiders
Darksiders II
Location(s) Darksiders

Darksiders II
The Weeping Crag
The Fjord

Race Demon
Reward(s) Death Dealer
Voiced By Phil LaMarr

Vulgrim is a Demon Merchant found throughout the overworld. He has extensive knowledge of the world after the Apocalypse.


[edit] Overview

Vulgrim often is found begging, stealing, or killing for Souls. He has also been known to trade for them. His locations are marked with glyphs that have been burned into the ground.

[edit] Death's Door

In the prequel comic, Darksiders II: Death's Door, Death is sent to Earth on a mission to slay a rogue Demon. However, this request comes from Abaddon and not The Charred Council. The Horsemen are suppose to be servants of the council and should not take the orders from anybody else. Because of this, Death is unable to use his Scythe when he travels to Earth and instead, he must acquire another weapon.

Death confronts Vulgrim in search of a weapon. Vulgrim tells Death to head to the River Styx and bring to him the tongue of The Leviathan. Death Went to acquires the tongue while Vulgrim went to make a deal with another being and just before he finish it the Leviathan come crushing on his place. However, the Leviathan was dead and Death come out of its mouth with the tongue and demand his weapon.

[edit] Darksiders

Vulgrim is one of the first characters that War encounters after returning to Earth. He serves several purposes throughout War's journey. War acquires the Death Dealer Achievement or Trophy as soon as he encounters Vulgrim.

[edit] Vulgrim's Merchant Shop

Main article: Vulgrim's Merchant Shop

Vulgrim sells various items, upgrades, and abilities at his merchant shop throughout the overworld. He only accepts Souls as the form of currency. As War progresses along his quest, new items and upgrades become readily available at Vulgrim's merchant shop.

While at Vulgrim's merchant shop, War can trade in Artifacts in exchange for souls. Artifacts are shown on the artifact screen of the menu. Even after trading them in to Vulgrim, they still appear on the screen. There are three types of artifacts, Soldier Artifacts, Champion Artifacts, and an Overlord Artifact. They are worth 500, 1000, and 5000 souls respectively.

[edit] Vulgrim Locations

Main article: Vulgrim Locations

In addition to serving as a merchant, Vulgrim can be found at numerous locations throughout the Destroyed City. Each time War encounters Vulgrim, a new Vulgrim Location is activated. After war travels to the Twilight Cathedral and defeats Tiamat, he acquires a Heart of the Chosen. When War shows the Heart of the Chosen to Vulgrim, this in turn opens up Serpent Holes.

Serpent Holes serve as warp portals so that War can quickly travel across the Destroyed City. Each time War enters a Serpent Hole, he'll have to travel through a short linear passage before appearing at the new location.

[edit] Personality

Vulgrim is quite a talkative character and it first he seems to appear as an enemy of War. However, the devious language and posture that Vulgrim shows are more characteristics of the Demon that he is. Despite these characteristics, Vulgrim is no harm to War and he is purely a merchant in need of Souls.

Vulgrim is fair to War, always holding up his end of the bargain. Vulgrim also seems to trust War, giving useful tips along his quest. However, Vulgrim also has blunt personality, telling War exactly how he feels. He flatters War with good compliments at times, but also criticize him for doing something reckless.

[edit] Darksiders II

Vulgrim makes an appearance in Darksiders II. Death finds various pages of the dead within Dungeons and throughout the overworld that he can bring to Vulgrim in return for great rewards.

[edit] Vendor

Main article: Vulgrim's Merchant Shop

In Darksiders II, Vulgrim is again a merchant, just like in the original Darksiders. However, instead of dealing in souls, he deals in gilt and Boatman Coins. He has a very specialized, limited stock of items.

[edit] Quests

[edit] Gallery

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