Wicked K

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Wicked K
Wicked K image.png
Appearance(s) Darksiders
Darksiders II
Race Wicked
Main Weapon Hat and Cane
Effective Weapon(s) Devil's Cross


[edit] Overview

Wicked K is a special Wicked that seems to have supernatural powers and a posh British accent. The only information about him in-game is the comic dialogue he has with War.

Vigil has explained that Wicked K is an inside joke among the developers, representing the British contingent of their company. It was added within the last month of development, after knocking around inside their heads for two years. [1]

[edit] Strategy

Wicked K has two difficulty stages. Across all encounters there are 6000 souls possible to acquire.

  • The first two fights (no matter the location order) are less difficult, quicker, and yield 1000 souls.
  • The second two fights are more difficult, take longer, and yield 2000 souls.

The only way to damage Wicked K, no matter the difficulty level or encounter, is with the Devil's Cross countering ability, or the Affliction Wrath Ability. He will block any normal or heavy attack.

[edit] Locations

Wicked K can be encountered in 4 different places. They are listed in order of accessibility, but can be done in any order.

1. The Choking Grounds

  • Located under a movable grave south of the Vulgrim Location. Also inside is a Soldier Artifact.
  • He will appear after completing the Shadow Challenges and reaching the Drowned Pass. You must actually enter the Drowned Pass (or any other area) first then return to the Choking Grounds in order to trigger the event.

2. Drowned Pass

  • Located inside the Pipe, west from the Tormented Gate, across the water and up the dirt ramp.
  • Like the event in the Choking Grounds, the encounter can only be triggered after completing the Shadow Challenges and exiting and re-entering the area.

3. Anvil's Ford

  • Located on a peninsula near the end of the route. It is near the Wrath Shard only accessible with the Abyssal Chain, which teases you initially. The Abyssal Chain is not required to reach the event area.
  • Like the two previous events, this one can only be triggered by leaving the area and returning, once completing the challenge with Ulthane.

4. Twilight Cathedral

  • Located in a cavern across the lava, north from the entrance to the Cathedral. Only accessible with the Abyssal Chain, and on the way there is a Soul Chest containing 100 souls.
  • Immediately accessible once obtaining the Abyssal Chain from the Hollows.

[edit] Darksiders II

Wicked K appears as a boss in Darksiders 2 that you fight in the Crucible.

[edit] Overview

Wicked K is fought in wave 101 in the Crucible as the final challenge. He can only be fought if waves 1-100 are all beaten in one sitting, without quitting or dying. After doing so, the middle of the Crucible will climb and make a tall pillar. You will have to climb up the pillar. Once you find Wicked K at the top, the boss battle begins.

[edit] Strategy

Wicked K has low Health, but has very powerful attacks that can kill you quickly. You should keep your distance, and use Wrath attacks to damage him. Summon Ghouls to attack him, or use moves like Teleport Slash or Harvest to do quick damage. Use Redemption to restore Wrath, and repeat.

[edit] Rewards

After defeating Wicked K, Death will be rewarded with the Elemental Talisman. He will also be given The World item, and a large treasure chest that contains powerful gear. He will also obtain the achievment Bravo Old Chap.

[edit] References

  1. Vigil Explains Darksiders enemy Wicked K's origin; via Destructoid, accessed 4/30/12. [1]
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