Darksiders II Walkthrough: Court of Bones 3: Basileus

It’s now time find the third Dead Lord. Fast Travel back to the Gilded Arena and enter the dungeon. Travel through the first several rooms just like before and return to the Arena near the center of the dungeon.

Walk ahead and speak with the voices of the Arena. After mentioning that Death is in search of the Psychameron, a portal will appear, in which Death will jump right in.

As soon as you drop down, you will be ambushed by two Undead Stalkers. Use your various attacks and wrath abilities to do away with these two beasts. The next batch of enemies comes in the form of Undead Prowlers and another Undead Stalker. Finally after defeating all the enemies, the nearby gate will lower. Climb the steps and head through the door at the top.

Once you enter the room, climb the wall to the right to reach a treasure chest with some goodies. You’ll notice a large circle in the center of the room. Use your Interdiction ability to summon the two Dead Lords. Stand on the large square at the east end of the room. From there, have one of the Dead Lords step on the floor switch at the south end of the room, causing the gate above to lower. Send the other Dead Lord to the north end of the room, raising the pillar where you stand. Run eastward through the door.

Once you enter this room dispose of the Undead Scarabs that come your way. Use the circle to summon the Dead Lords. Have the first Dead Lord step on the switch at the north end of the room. This will extend a bridge northward. Use the second Dead Lord to step on the switch beyond the closed gate.

Progress down this path and you’ll come to a locked door. If you look to the right across the gap, there is another floor switch. Summon one of the Dead Lords and then use your Death Grip to grapple across the gap and open the treasure chest nearby to get some loot.

Look back across the gap but lower down. There is a floor switch beyond the gate. Use Interdiction to send the other Dead Lord over. Use the Death Grip to grapple down to this lower area. Run ahead and jump onto the large wooden beam. Climb all the way down and head through the door.

Summon the Dead Lords here and across the gap you will find three switches. You must push them in the proper order. Push the center one, then the right, and then the left. This will cause the treasure chest to lower, along with the gate. If you push the switches in the wrong order, a batch of enemies will appear. Open the treasure chest to get a Skeleton Key. There are more treasure chests to collect in this room, but we don’t quite have the correct items. Backtrack to the previous room and climb up the wooden beam.

Once you climb the wooden beam, look up and you’ll find a hoop. Death Grip up top and collect the Relic of Renagoth. You can fall back down and push the lever at the north end of the room, lowering the nearby gate. Use the Skeleton Key on the locked door and continue on to the next room.

Run ahead and you’ll see a short scene with a creepy looking spider. Use the circle to summon the Dead Lords. Have one of the Dead Lords rest on the nearby floor switch and send the other one to the floor switch at the southeast part of this room. This will open up the gate to the north.

In this next room, look down at the north end of the room. You will see a floor switch so send over one of the Dead Lords. This will cause the gate to lower. Perform a wall run to get to the hand hold. Jump to the next hand hold and then over to the wooden beam. From here jump over and grapple towards the Dead Lord.

Command the Dead Lord to step off the switch and have him follow you. Open the two nearby treasure chests to get some loot. Run to the southeast part of the room and command the Dead Lord onto the floor switch here.

Push in the nearby switch to extend the bridge and then run across. Climb the steps and work your way all the way up to a door that leads southward.

Climb down the steps and summon the Dead Lords using the circle. This will cause a fury of enemies to appear, so slash away at them. Eventually you’ll be joined by a massive Bone Giant. Be sure to re-summon the Dead Lords if they have been defeated. Continue attacking and defeat this massive creature.

After the Bone Giant, two new enemies will appear in the form of Undead Scarab Hulks. These are slightly more powerful than the standard scarab hulks, but shouldn’t give Death too much trouble. After all the enemies have been defeated, head through the door to the northwest.

Wall run to get across the gap and push the nearby switch. Continue into the next room and head down the hallway. Go through the door and cross the bridge. The pathway on the right leads to a Relic of Etu-Goth. Continue onward and enter an incredibly dark chamber.

A giant spider can be seen crawling around the room and then Death will be joined by Basileus. Basileus jumps very high in the area, often times going beyond your vision, making it hard to follow his attacks. Occasionally he’ll teleport and pound the ground, causing damage to Death if he is nearby.

Rather than trying to dodge his attacks, just be ruthless in attacking him, quickly delivering damage. After doing some damage, he will be joined by Achidna, the giant spider creature that we’ve seen a few times. Your best bet is to keep your distance, using Redemption to drain its health. Otherwise, just continue to use your various attacks to attack the spider.

After several hits, Death will rip Basileus off of Achidna. The battle continues just as it started, only this time Achidna will occasionally come smashing down to the ground, dealing some damage. Just keep hitting Basileus until he summons Achidna one more time. Continue to drain his health until the Dead Lord has been defeated.

After enough damage has been done, Basileus will agree to ride along with you and Death will obtain Achidna’s Fangs. With all three Dead Lords now alongside you, it’s now time to head back to the Lord of Bones. Fast Travel to get to the Eternal Throne.

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