Darksiders II Walkthrough – Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

Darksiders II Walkthrough – Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

Our Darksiders II Walkthrough has officially launched. We are currently working on updating the various sections of this walkthrough, but you can see the complete chapters appendixes for the the Darksiders II Walkthrough below. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back soon, as we’ll constantly be updating our Darksiders II Walkthrough. Just to the right you’ll find links to our other appendixes that we will be updating shortly.

Welcome to the Darksiders II Walkthrough. The walkthrough below is a complete 100% Darksiders II walkthrough that will cover a full run through of the entire game, including strategies for all bosses and enemies, the collection of all treasures, upgrades, and guides that take you through all of the many side quests within the game.

 Chapter 1: The Keeper of Secrets
  • The early stages of the game, covering Death’s journey to meet the Crowfather.
  • Death will traverse across basic platforms through The Dark Fortress.
  • Death will meet the Crowfather and battle with an illusion of his brother War.
  • After defeating the Crowfather, Death’s journey takes a sudden turn.
  • Death first arrives within the Forge Lands.
  • Death speaks with the members of the Maker race to find there is trouble within the realm.
  • Death must restore the Maker Forge in order to reach the Tree of Life.
  • Death travels to The Cauldron to restore the fire of the mountain.
  • Death will acquire Redemption at Tri-Stone.
  • Death will journey westward to The Drenchfort to restore the Tears of the Mountain.
  • Death will battle with the dungeon boss Karkinos.
  • The Drenchfort will restore the water to the Maker’s Forge.

 Chapter 4: To Move a Mountain
  • Travel through The Nook, an optional side dungeon.
  • Arrive at The Lost Temple.
  • Death will take on the dungeon boss, the Construct Hulk.
  • Reach the Warden and awaken him from his slumber.
  • Death journeys into the major dungeon of the Forge Lands, The Foundry.
  • Journey alongside Karn to collect the three Heart Stones and awaken the Guardian.
  • Death will acquire the Death Grip within the Foundry.
  • Death will fight the Corrupted Custodian, the boss of The Foundry.

 Chapter 6: The Tree of Life
  • The massive boss battle with the Guardian.
  • Elder Eideard will try to tame the Guardian with the power of the Makers.
  • Death successfully finds a pathway to the Tree of Life.
  • Upon arrive at the Tree, something seems off and Death’s journey takes a turn for the worse.

 Chapter 8: The Toll of Kings
  • Journey to the Gilded Arena to seek out the Arena Champion.
  • Death will need to collect the three Animus Stones.
  • Battle with several new enemies including the massive Scarab Hulk.
  • Take the head of Gnashor, the arena champion.
  • Seek at the second Dead Lord, the Judicator.
  • Travel to Judicator’s Tomb and seek out the three Souls.
  • Battle with the enemy Lich, as well as a massive Tormentor.
  • The massive Bone Giant awaits at the top of the final tower within Judicator’s Tomb.
  • Find the final Dead Lord, Basileus.
  • Travel back to the Gilded Arena and speak with the voices to enter Pyschameron.
  • Use Interdiction to solve puzzles and progress through the dungeon.
  • Basileus and his massive spider friend Achidna await at the end of the dungeon.

 Chapter 12: The City of the Dead
  • After returning the Dead Lords to the Lord of Bones, Death will acquire the Soul Splitter ability.
  • Death is transported to the City of the Dead.
  • Throughout the dungeon, Death battles with several enemies, including the new enemy Abomination.
  • Take on the dungeon boss, The Wailing Host.

 Chapter 13: The Key to Redemption

 Chapter 14: The Rod of Arafel

 Chapter 15: Stains of Heresy

 Chapter 17: The Well of Souls
  • Use the Angel Key and the Demon Key at the Tree of Death.
  • Access the Well of Souls.
  • Battle with Absalom.
  • Pay the necessary sacrifice.

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